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SPRAYFiNGER is a graffiti arts community dedicated to elevating the art and culture of graffiti through educational programs and collaborations. We believe graffiti is an artistic act of disruption. Disruption of self-limitations, of creative boundaries, of the world around us. And that disruption sets us free.


Who We Are

SPRAYFiNGER is a for-profit organization that teaches graffiti unapologetically as an art form, offering a comprehensive curriculum and cultural community committed to sharing the creative freedom of graffiti and street art.


What We Do

We find freedom in the flow of working with spray paint, in experimenting with color and line making, practicing the art of creative lettering, and moving the aesthetics of graffiti into new mediums and contexts. We elevate graffiti as a public art and benefit to society—not a detriment seen only as vandalism.


Our Founder

Peyton Scott Russell.

Peyton was born an artist. He
has been creating as an act of self exploration since his youth and he brings a deep artistic vision to every project he pursues. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Bush Foundation Fellow, a Burning Man artist, and renowned arts instructor devoted to elevating graffiti art as a fine art and bringing unconventional creative
communities together.

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