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A Bit About Peyton

Artist, Founder, Instructor

Minneapolis-based artist and instructor, Peyton Scott Russell, discovered art as a small child. Much of his inspiration came from such youthful passions as dinosaurs, comic strips, fishing, and the great outdoors. Peyton was first introduced to graffiti art in 1984 as a high-school student through the film, Style Wars, which had a profound effect on him. From that point forward, he has devoted his time and energy to graffiti art.

Peyton has a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and for over three decades has been a professional artist and arts instructor. Peyton has taught and directed classical visual fine arts with non-traditional art to youth and encourages students to be professional artists by focusing on portfolio development, artistic interpretation, and exhibition. Today, with the help of the Bush Foundation Fellowship Program (2012-2014), Peyton is focused on his new arts project, SPRAYFINGER®. He is dedicated to teaching, studying, and practicing Graffiti: The Art of Creative Lettering™. His mission is to increase awareness of graffiti as a teachable art form by working with schools, teachers, and artists on curriculum design, outlines, and lesson plans to deepen the understanding of a long-misunderstood art form.

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